Author: Devin Mergens

Cable Tensioning, How much should I tighten my cables?

Hello! Thank you for your interest in cable tensioning for your cable railing system. This is all we do and we love to share our...
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stainless steel spray

What is Stainless Steel? Will it Corrode?

What Is Stainless Steel? Stainless Steel is an alloy that was discovered in 1913 by Sheffield metallurgist Harry Brearley. He was experimenting with different types...
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What Size Of Stainless Cable Should I Use On My Railing? Here’s How To Decide

Cable Railing can fit many different styles and looks within both residential and commercial spaces. It can be used for a modern industrial space or...
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interior cable railing

Interior Cable Railing Systems Within Homes & Commercial Spaces

Cable railing systems are a great substitute to traditional wood or metal railings used indoors. They provide a modern design by utilizing the metal handrails...
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What Are Cable Railings & Where Do People Install Them?

Cable railings are hand-rails that аrе mаdе uр оf stainless ѕtееl cable strung through posts with a top rail to рrоvidе structure and stability. Thеу...
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Hybrid Cable Railings,Stainless Steel & Wood Differentiation

You know you want cable railings but there are so many ways to get the look you are after. Would you like some help brainstorming...
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How to Choose Between Swage, Swageless or Hex-Lock Cable Railing Hardware

When it comes to choosing cable railing hardware, a question we receive almost daily is, "how do I choose between swage, swageless and the Hex-Lock hardware?"...
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Swageless Surface Mount Turnbuckle Tensioner 3" Barrel for 1/8" Cable Railing

How Many Strands Of Rail Cable Should I Use & How Far Should I Space The Posts?

Hey there! Let's get your new rail past the strictest of inspectors. Keep these two guidelines in mind and you should pass any inspection we...
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Ultra Polished 3/16" SS Cable 1×19 Strand - 100′ Feet

How Long Should Stainless Cable Railing Sections Be?

"How long should my stainless cable railing sections be?," this is a common question.  The longer the run the less hardware is needed and thus...
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Looking For A Design Face-lift? Cable Railings Can Offer Just That!

Cable railings are joining a relatively new type of decor and designs can seem challenging at first but it's easier than you think, having a...
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