Cable Railings Systems Explained In Detail

Posted By Devin Mergens on February 17, 2018

Cable Railings Systems are a welcome addition to any residential home as well as commercial projects due to the trendy, modern look they bring to the premises. At Devline Rail we are a private, family-owned company that prides itself in offering customers a variety of parts and tools for cable railing systems. We have built a reputation for supplying quality and unique items, thanks in part to our vast knowledge and experience in the industry. Below is a detailed description of what to expect from our range of products.

Cable Railings

Unobstructed Views

Cable railings promise to deliver a handful of benefits including the capacity to offer a clear view that is free from obstruction, especially for places like apartments with raised terraces. Our parts are ideal for any indoor, outdoor, residential or commercial design. We offer tailor-made railing materials to suit your every need.

Indoor & Outdoor Applications

A cable rail is one of the most flexible yet practical applications you can adopt in a modern home. When used indoors, it is advisable to blend it with wood as well as some stainless steel accents. For outdoor applications, some go with all steel and others still mix some wood in, even if it’s just the top rail.

LUX cabling systems explained

No matter the application, our products are designed with safety in mind while retaining the aesthetic appeal. Our posts are strong enough to handle more of a load and force then they’d ever need. Our cable strands are made from T316 ‘marine grade’ stainless steel, available in 1/8″ and 3/16″ sizes.

Regardless of your choice of material, you can rest assured knowing your parts will last for a very long time. All the above components are designed in a way that allows easy tightening using common cable railing tools.

Why choose us

Discover why Luxline Materials is the supplier of choice for so many people across the country and overseas. We offer a wide variety of innovative parts and hardware for cable railing systems including swage and swageless fittings at unbeatable prices. Our customer service department offers a speedy response to all our customers demands. Feel free to give us a call (801-899-3806), shoot over a email (, or use the live chat feature on our site.