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Stainless Steel Posts for Cable Railing

Stainless Steel Posts for cable railings are designed to give you a modern look with a stunning view. Let's have a quick look at our exclusive Stainless Steel Cable Railing Posts.

Pairing these Stainless Steel Posts with our Hidden Thread Tensioners hides the connection components of the cable inside the post and connects the entire system to the deck, balcony, or stairs.

Post Sizes

Posts come in standard sizes of 36″, 39 ″, and 42 ″, but can be customized to your project. We offer a variety of materials, finishes, and colors to meet your customized needs.

What you need to know about Stainless Steel Cable Railings

Cable railings made of stainless steel are manufactured by installing metal wires between rail posts and can be used to meet the needs of internal and external railings. Typically, stainless steel posts cost about twice the price of ordinary wood posts, and their high cost sometimes means they are overlooked as an option for architectural and industrial projects. However, the durability, flexible design, and elegant aesthetic of stainless steel cable options provide excellent value for the price.

Benefits of Metal Railing Posts and Stainless Steel Cables

Metal posts are very durable and require very little maintenance. Unlike wooden balusters or glass railing posts, stainless steel cable railing components are not easily dirty and are highly resistant to damage, even when placed outdoors. An important benefit of metal cable versus wooden posts is that metal columns are less likely to bend when exposed to changes in weather/humidity. Most metal handrails are made of 316 stainless steel, which can bypass most other handrails, which means you will spend less time repairing or replacing handrail parts. Stainless steel railings also add a modern twist to your home or office. Due to its elegant and open design, stainless balustrade systems are also ideal for open concept homes and those who wish to add extra space for stair areas. Looking at railing systems for your balcony, deck, or terrace? The Stainless Steel Cable Railing is a perfect choice, providing a great view for you and your guests.

Requirements for stainless cable railing

All handrails of residential and commercial spaces must meet the requirements of the local building codes. The main problem with cable rail systems is related to tension. In the United States, most building codes require the spaces in the handrail to be small enough to prevent a 4-inch sphere from passing. Unlike glass panels or wooden and metal columns, cables must be extended to generate tension, giving the cables rigidity. It is necessary to properly extend the cable components in the stainless steel cable railing, to ensure that objects larger than 4 inches, can not accidentally slip through. Before you create a stainless steel railing in your home or office, you should also make sure that it will also meet the height requirements per code. In most states railing posts are required to have a height of at least 36 inches, while commercial cable railing functions need to meet the 42 inch height requirements in accordance with international building code.


Below are DEVLINES’s exclusive cable stainless steel railing posts that have a beautiful brushed electropolish finish. Select the desired size to see more details! Need a CUSTOM Stainless metal railing or posts made for your space? Just shoot over an email ( or give us a call (801-899-3806) or contact us and we’ll get to work right away.
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