Our network is capable and ready to solve your railing and miscellaneous metal needs. Devin (our co-owner) is Pilot, visiting our project sites regularly to ensure everything is accomplished on time and to our standards.

We have mastered the logistics of moving our product and now ship custom designed railing solutions throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Cayman and the Virgin Islands.  

Our work

Cable and hardware for a large new build complex.

Delivered all materials needed for the project including engineered drawing as well as the installation.

Included over 2,200 feet of railing. The majority of the balconies and railings were stainless posts with stainless cable and hardware. 11 balconies were glass. 

Led to multiple other projects.



Restoration of a 30+ year old 300+ unit student housing complex.

Solution needed to be both attractive as well as durable with ice and salt in mind.

 Replaced the old staircases with much thicker material using galvanized treads in place of concrete. The railings are all stainless steel.

This project consisted of over 60 stairwells and over 9,000 linear feet of railings. 


Provo, UT

Denver Project

Referal: This project manager had heard about DEVLINE from the Huntsville team and hoped that we could help.

Help: They had hired a contractor to complete their railing needs and they had fallen behind on their schedule.

We stepped in to fix one staircase and finish the other staircases within the original timeframe.  We are here to help.


Arrington Project

Arrington was a large complex of condominiums where their aluminum railings had started to become unstable and unsafe.

 We designed a stainless steel railing system and installed it on all of their walkways and bridges.

 We also uncovered a bridge that had some wood rot. We fabricated custom plates and cut out the rotten area and replaced it.


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