Swage Fittings

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Swage Fittings – Stainless Steel Swage Fittings – Wire Rope Terminal

Swage Fittings are wire rope components other than swing or stop kits, which are attached to the wire by pressing, (fitting) the appropriate fitting to the wire. When properly installed, most wire rope fittings can retain up to 100% of the wire strength, allowing assemblies to meet the various workload limits required in assemblies on which the test load should be tested. These fixtures can be used in a wide range of cable combinations with many uses. Common types of swing assemblies are regular balls (type BAS or NAS-949), single shank balls, (type MS20664), two enclosed eyes, planes, marine lattice curve eyes and fork ends (type MS20668 and MS20667).

The wire rope and fittings are used with hand and electric winches to safely manipulate heavy loads and equipment. Swage fittings and cable fixtures are used in heavy forging applications, including forging boats, trucks, or industrial equipment. Drilling machines use molds to assemble terminals on cables. Dome and ball attachment equipment add a protection swing to the ends of the wires. Wire rope fittings, clamps, clamps, and thimble adjust the safe wire rope when reversing to form a loop. Wire rope tensioners measure wire rope tensioning in architectural and marine applications.

All of these accessories and stainless steel trailer couplings are fitted for wear resistance and durability. The swing components can accommodate a variety of cable sizes and are offered in many configurations, including eye, jaw, toggle, wall mounting and supports.

Swage Fittings

Devline Rail provides a wide range of stainless steel forging components and stainless steel wire rope fittings. Within the range, we offer high quality swing stations such as swing studs, swing forks, swing eye, swing switch, and hammock rigging nails.

All fittings are manufactured to the highest standards, which are produced from AISI 316 marine grade steel and after correct fittings, these fastening fittings maintain 90% of the broken load of stainless steel ropes and wires while achieving aesthetic finishes.

Product Range

  • European manufacturer of the highest quality standards.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with great design properties.
  • Upload certificates/certificates of conformity as necessary.
  • Demolition test reports on request


  • Used for a variety of applications
  • Yacht rigging
  • The architect
  • Structural systems
  • Handrail systems