18″ 2 Cavity Hand Swage Tool

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DEVLINE RAIL 18″ 2 Cavity Cable Hand Swage Tool

This 18″ Cable Hand Swage tool means business. It is simple to operate but does require a fair amount of force or strength to fully close the handle. Made for Hand Swage Studs. It does not cut the cable like our Multi-Tool Cutter and swage tool. It does create a much more aggressive swage impression for a secure hold. Made for stainless steel hand swage studs.

Question: How many times should I swage each stud?

Answer: 2-3 times is recommended.

Question: Do I need to go to the gym after using this Cable Railing Swage Tool on a project?

Answer: Nope! This tool does not mess around and requires a fair amount of force to close.

Question: Does this tool cut the cable?

Answer: No it does not.  Our Multi-Use Cutting/Hand Swage Tool does! This tool produces a much more aggressive imprint for a sure-fire swaging solution on our hand swage fittings.



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