24″ Multi-use Hand Cutting / Swaging Tool for Steel Cable

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24″ Multi-use Hand Cutting / Swaging Tool for Steel Cable

This 24″ multi-use hand cutting / swaging tool will crimp or swage 1/8″ fittings and also cut your 1/8″ cable, all in one tool! It is a 24″ handled tool and works very well. 3 Crimps are recommended with all fittings. As shown in the product pictures this tool provides a very clean cut every-time without fraying the cable end. Also demonstrated is the two crimp impressions. On the top of the fitting is what it looks like if you use the smallest hole available. We recommend the second two impressions by using the tip of the tool to create this flat impression.

Dimensions & Weight

– Total Length: 24″

– Width: 6.09″

– Height: 1.22″

– Weight: 5.95 lb

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MFST24  :   24″ ,   UPC :   612520481513


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