Butterfly T Cable Anchor Terminal Fitting – Swage – T316 Stainless Steel



T316 Stainless Steel Butterfly T Cable Anchor Fittings – Swage

Butterfly T Cable Anchor fittings are designed to be concealed entirely within metal posts. You will find they are very easy to install and end up looking streamline and clean. They only require one set of holes on one side of the post.  You simply slide the cable into the anchor, swage it and install! It’s a perfect option for anyone who likes the look of cable but wants very little amounts of hardware showing. Our swage cable railing tensioner w/concealed Threads or the swage threaded tensioners would be great to pair these anchors up with as these are purely terminals that will hold your cable fast. Butterfly T Cable Anchors are ideal for level and stair runs as the cable will exit the post and any angle needed.


  • Drill holes in your metal post (drill holes just larger than the outside diameter of the fitting.  (0.25″ for 1/8″ and 0.36″ for 3/16″)
  • Cut all cable strands needed for the current rail section a few inches longer than needed.
  • Start with these terminal ends first.
  • Insert the cable into the Butterfly T Anchor from the end that has been machined out for the cable to bend through and swage. Swage a few times and don’t be shy as the swage impressions will be concealed inside the post.
  • Bend the fitting so that the cable bends through the grove that has been machined out of the anchor forming a T Shape.
  • Straighten the fitting back in line with the cable.
  • Insert into the post and the fitting will pop open inside
  • You did it!
  • Now on to the tensioner side.

Dimensions & Weight


  • Total Length: 1.50″
  • Width: 0.25″
  • Weight: 0.01 lb


  • Total Length: 1.75″
  • Width: 0.36″

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DLRTBCA : 1/8″ , UPC : 612520481506

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Additional information

Cable Size

1/8", 3/16"

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