Hidden Thread Cable Tensioners Set For 3/16″ Wire Rope – T316 Stainless Steel


Hidden Thread Cable Tensioners Set for 3/16″ Wire Rope – T316 Stainless Steel

This set of cable tensioners is a great option for those dealing with long runs or ones with turns / angles. Even with short runs some decide to go with this set for a uniform look all around. You can them for applications indoors and out. They are made with type 316 steel so you won’t have to worry about rusting. We’ve had customers use them on house-boats, lake front decks and up in the mountains where they get snow. These guys are made to withstand whatever Mother Nature might put them through. They’ll fit right in when used on commercial and residential projects.

While you’re putting together the materials needed for the install, be sure you have the right tools as well. These cable swage fittings will require a hand swaging tool to permanently connect the hardware and wire together. As you measure out your runs, you’ll also need a good Cable Cutter Tool to cut the wire. If you are in need of both, we do have a 24″ Swager / Cutter that can get both jobs done with only one tool. Always double check your work before cutting or swaging because those actions can’t be undone.

For those who still need to purchase steel wire cable, these cable tensioners will only work properly with 3/16″ diameter wire rope. We suggest the 1×19 configuration – it gives off a nice shine and is not rough to the touch, making it ideal for a cable railing system.


Specifications for Concealed Thread Cable Tensioners

– Made of type 316 stainless steel

– Offers tensioning from both ends. Great on long or angled runs.

– Usually installed with metal posts

– Steel material allows installation indoors and out

– Use with 3/16″ ss cable (we recommend 1×19 configuration)

– Outside diameter of tensioner body is 3/8″


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