Cube Cable Rail Terminal End Cap for Threaded Terminals

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Cube Cable Rail Terminal End Cap for Threaded Terminals

Dress up your existing rail (with acorn nuts), or start things off right with our all new cable rail Cube End Caps. These go with our Swage Threaded Terminals. As with all LUX parts they are constructed with outdoor safe T316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. They thread on to your terminals and cover up the tensioning bolt to sit flush up against your posts. These have a very nice luster to them.  Not quite a mirror finish but shiny. Cut off all but 3/16″ of remaining thread after you have reached your desired tensioning.

Dimensions: 0.78″ x 0.55″

Weight: 0.10 lb

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6.02402E+11 :  T316 ,  UPC :  602401885929


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