Swage Cable Rail Tensioner w/Concealed Threads 2.25″ of Tensioning for 3/16″ Cable

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Swage Cable Rail Tensioner w/Concealed Threads 2.25″ of Tensioning for 3/16″ Cable

If you are able to go through your posts, our Swage Cable Rail Tensioner is the best of three worlds.

1. They work wonderfully with wood and metal posts.

2. They are the overall length of Swage Threaded Terminals and will fit mostly inside of your posts. They look very clean and do not stick out as far as the washer, bolt and acorn nut design.  They sit very flush up against your posts.

3. They have the benefits of a turnbuckle in that you just spin them to adjust your tensioning at anytime without needing to cut off excess threading each time.  They are a fraction of the cost of a turnbuckle.

You will love the way these look and function.  These offer up to 2.25″ of tensioning. For runs over 15 to 30 feet use these on both ends.  Use two posts in every corner to avoid the need to stagger your runs.  Under 15 feet use our New LUX Swage Terminals which match the cable rail Tensioner perfectly.

Use a 3/16″ Allen/Hex Key for Tensioning   > Avoid power tools <

Dimensions & Weight

– Total Length Closed: 4.41″

– Total Length Open: 5.46″

– Head: 0.63″ x 0.11″

– Body: 2.17″ x 0.37″

– Swaging Section: 1.51″ x 0.29″

– Concealed Section: 1.20″ x 0.25″

– Weight: 0.10 lb

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LSTNR225-316  :   3/16″  ,  UPC:   612520481339


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