Swage Threaded Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner for 1/8″ Cable

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Swage Threaded Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner for 1/8″ Cable

We want to introduce our swage threaded stainless steel cable tensioner, give you a few tips on how to use them and cover an improvement that we’ve made. So swage threaded tensioners come individually wrapped so that they are protected during transport. They’re great for metal and wood posts.

One of the improvements we have made is we’ve added a ring that allows you to know exactly how far the cable goes in, then you know how far to cut it, and you know where to swage the fitting. So, a few tips that we have for you, with using these fittings is when you’re installing them, say you’re using a 2×2″ post, go ahead and get all of them ready.

Say you don’t want it to stick out too far, get it ready, its a 10 foot run, you’re not going to need much tensioning on there. You’re going to want to hold the stainless steel cable tensioner next to the post. You’re able to then take the cable, stretch it tight and mark it to this line and then you know where to cut. Then go ahead and remove all the hardware, make your swages. A higher end hydraulics tool you’ll only need to swage it once to a hand tool you’ll want to swage three times. You’ll then go ahead, make your swaging, attach the cable to the fitting, slide the fitting in through the post at that point and then reinstall your hardware.

This is where a nice little tip comes in handy. So you get everything to where you want it, go ahead and make your tensioning, tighten it up and get all the different runs tightened up. A good practice to follow is to wait about a week to cut the threads off. The reason being is as your system settles you’re going to need to tension it again. And instead of cutting it then cutting it again, if you wait, your able to just cut it off only once. Once you’ve waited, and its settled and you’ve tensioned it again.

Then you take a second nut and which are 1/4 x 20 thread patterns, and you thread that over the top and use that as a guide. You cut it off, with either a grinder or a hack saw and you’re able to cut that off, then when you wind, what that will do is it will rethread the threads for you and make it very easy to install your acorn nut.

Kit Includes the following:  Terminal, washer, hex nut and acorn/cap nut.  All fasteners are stainless steel (Hand crimping tool NOT included)

Dimensions & Weight

– Total Length With Acorn Nut: 4.26″

– Total Length Without Acorn Nut: 4.12″

– Thread: 2.22″ x 0.23″

– Swaging Section: 1.49″ x 0.24″

– Weight: 0.05 lb

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Threaded Terminal..Swage :  1/8″ ,   UPC :   602401885769


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