Swageless Surface Mount Deck Toggle for 1/8″ Cable

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Swageless Surface Mount Deck Toggle for 1/8″ Cable

This is our Swageless Surface Mount Deck Toggle variant which is made of T316 marine grade stainless steel. They attach to 1/8″ cable without a crimper or hand swaging tool – that makes installation more forgiving as you can detach the terminal from the cable and recut if needed. You can adjust the pitch of your cable run up to 135 degrees. Great for stairs / angled runs or elevation changes in your railing or marine application.

They’re designed to pair up with the Surface Mount Turnbuckle Tensioners. We have a new swageless insert that makes installation a breeze! Simply insert the cable into the head and tighten the housing down and you’re done. If the cable doesn’t go in the first time you just loosen the head a bit more and it should slip right in. The stainless is suitable for outdoor or indoor and has an excellent shine and radiance to it. Looks much nicer than galvanized and holds up against corrosion.

Two mounting screws (not included) is all your will need to mount your toggle. We recommend 1/4″ x 2″ stainless hex head screws.These are terminals meaning they do not tension or tighten the cable for you. You will want to have these on one end and a threaded threw post or one of our Turnbuckles on the other end as they will tighten the cable for you.

Dimensions & Weight:

– Total Length: 2.38″

– Swageless Head: 1.17″ x 0.46″

– Toggle Mounting Plate: 2.05″ x 0.65″

– Weight: 0.10 lb

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