Hex Head Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner – Swage RH & LH Set for 3/16″ Cable *Exclusive*

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Want a simple easy to use yet beautifully cost effective way to have a cable rail system?  You got it with our LUXLINE Exclusive Swage Hex Tensioners

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Swage Hex Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner RH & LH Set for 3/16″ Cable

Introducing a new product that we actually have patent pending, which we are super proud of. So this is our hex head stainless steel cable tensioner. A typical lag screw. This one happens to be a 3/16”. A typical lag screw is very basic, very clean design. But they are notoriously difficult to install and work with. They are kind of limited to just being a terminal.

What we wanted to do was create something that was much easier to install and much more versatile. That’s how we came up with the idea of our hex swage tensioners. What you do to install these is you will use them in conjunction with a right and left handed thread.

The benefit to these and how they are used and installed, is you will use a socket and you will install them until you cannot see the threads any longer. And then you will do the same on the other side of the post with the opposite threading. You’ll use the ring that we’ve had cut out. And use that as a guide for cutting your cable as well as for swaging.

The reason, once you have these installed and the cable installed. When you have a left handed thread and a right handed thread, what that will do is it’ll allow you, as you tension to roll the cable instead of twisting it. If they were both right handed, when you tighten that would twist the cable. With a left handed and a right handed you can see that that will roll the cable.

You can actually install these so it will conceal the swage marks and you will see nothing but the first little section coming out of your posts.

We know you are going to love these new fittings. They are very clean, easy to work with and they are excellent tensioners. As you can see it offers well over 2” of tensioning here. On both sides, so a total of 4” of tensioning. Which is comparable with our turn buckles, but offers a much more streamline look.

For these to work where you can really bury them all the way you’re going to want to use a 6×6 post. They work perfect with 6×6 and up. With 4×4 posts that’s a little bit more difficult but still can be done. You just are not going to be able to bury the post or the fittings all the way into the post without staggering the lines.

Dimensions & Weight

– Total Length: 3.64″

– Head: 0.44″ x 0.38″

– Body: 1.76″ x 0.29″

– Thread: 1.17″ x 0.38″

– Swage Area Length: 1.13″

– Weight: 0.05 lb

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