Cable Railing Tensioner Set With Right Hand and Left Hand Lag Screws – Type 316 Stainless




Railing Cable Tensioner Set with Lag Screw for 1/8″ or 3/16″ Cable – Type 316 Stainless

This lag stud and cable tensioner turnbuckle set is a great combination for wooden posts/structures. The lag stud end gets installed first and its main job is to anchor the cable. On the other side would be the cable tensioner which is responsible for pulling cable tight and holding it there. Both pieces of hardware are made with type 316 stainless steel. This material doesn’t rust so you can install the hardware outdoors in a humid climate without needing to worry. Occasional cleaning with CitriSurft 77 will keep your system sparkly clean.

As you perform the install, a swaging tool will be needed to fasten both the tensioner and stud to your cable. Be sure your cable is cut correctly because once the swaging is done, there’s no turning back. You will also need a quality cable cutter tool that will leave you a nice cut without flattening your cable.

Along with this cable tensioner and stud set, you are going to need wire rope cable as well. The hardware is designed for use with 1/8″ diameter cable. You do have different configuration options to choose from but we always recommend 1×19 construction. It’s really nice looking when you get up close, plus it isn’t rough to the touch like other popular options.


Cable Tensioner Specifications

– Thread Size = 1/4″ by 20

– Barrel Length = 3-3/4″

– Cable Size Needed = 1/8″


Lag Stud Specifications

– This swage lag screw is a total of 3.92″ long

– The thread is 2″ in length

– Fits 1/8″ cable

– The cable is inserted 1.35″ before swaging

Additional information

Weight2.02 oz


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