Swage Threaded Stainless Cable Tensioner – Used on 3/16″ Cable Railing Systems

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Swage Threaded Stainless Cable Tensioner – Used on 3/16″ Cable

This is our swage threaded stainless cable tensioner which is designed for 3/16” inch cable. In the video below we show you the size difference between 3/16” and 1/8” so you can see the 1/8” is much more streamline, but it all depends on what you are going for. If you want a cable rail that all but disappears on you 1/8” is a great option. 3/16” just gives you a little more luxurious look, a litter more commercial grade. It just depends on the look you’re going for. We want you to see the size difference there to help you in your decision making.

So again, the same features apply with 3/16” fittings. We’ve added the ring to help you know how far the cable goes in so you know where to swage it, as well a guide for cutting the cable. So when you hold this up against the side of the post, you’re able to tension the cable, pull it as tight as you can and know right where you should cut the cable.

Just like with the 1/8” fittings, to help aid you in cutting these and making it as easy as possible to get the acorn nut back on. If you spin on a second nut, you’re able to use that as a guide and cut it, once you’ve waited a week and gone out and re-tension all the fittings to make sure there isn’t any slack that’s accumulated over the week as the system has settled. Go ahead and retention that the second time and then feed on the second nut, cut off the excess thread and when you back this nut off, you’ll see that it will rethread the shaft for you. Making it much easier to install your acorn nut.

What is included: 1 x swage threaded stainless cable tensioner with washer, hex nut and acorn/cap nut. All fasteners are stainless steel (Hand crimping tool NOT included).

Dimensions & Weight

– Total Length With Acorn Nut: 4.40″

– Total Length Without Acorn Nut: 4.26″

– Threaded Section: 2.21″ x 0.30″

– Swaging Section: 1.50″ x 0.29″

– Weight: 0.10 lb

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