Swageless Wire Rope Tensioner Set With Deck Toggle For 1/8″ Cable – T316 Steel


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Swageless Wire Rope Tensioner Set with Deck Toggle for 1/8″ Cable – T316 Steel

Out of the rigging hardware we offer, this wire rope tensioner set is one of the easiest to install. The toggle enables you to install them on angled and straight runs. They’re material (T316 stainless steel) allows you to not only install them indoors but outdoors as well. Even in really humid conditions you won’t have to worry about them rusting. When installed outside, it is common for build-up to occur over time but it can easily be removed with stainless steel cleaner.

Being a swageless fitting means you won’t have to use a swaging / crimping tool while connecting the cable. The heads are tightened and loosened around the cable with regular wrenches. We strongly recommend having a cable cutter tool on hand as you do the install. If you use a grinder or some other tool that isn’t meant to cut stainless cable, it can result in uneven or flattened ends.

You’re going to need 1/8″ inch stainless steel cable for this wire rope tensioner set. The configuration you choose comes down to personal preference. If you want cable that isn’t rough to the touch and gives off a nice even shine, we recommend the 1×19 construction.


Specifications of Wire Rope Tensioner Set w/Deck Toggle

– Designed for use with 1/8″ stainless cable (configuration 1×19 recommended)

– Made of type 316 stainless steel

– Great for both indoor and outdoor applications

– No swaging tool necessary

– Simply insert cable into head and tight / loosen to attach or release cable

– Toggle allows for use on both horizontal and angled runs


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