T316 Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner Set With Threaded Rod For 1/8″ Cable


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T316 Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner Set with Threaded Rod for 1/8″ Cable

On the hunt for a cable railing hardware set that works well with metal and aluminum railing posts? Here we have a threaded rod cable turnbuckle tensioner and a end swage terminal. This set allows you to tighten the cable from both ends if you’d like. Normally tensioning from both ends is only needed if you have a really long run or if you’re dealing with angles. These pieces of hardware were made from type 316 steel which can stand-up to any environment you may live in. They can be installed indoors, outdoors or both.

For the install, you are going to need a cable cutter tool so you’re able to cut the wire as you go along. These are swage fittings which means you’ll have to essentially crimp the hardware onto your cable. In order to get that done, a special cable swaging tool will be needed. After you slide your cable into the fitting, it is recommended that you swage it 3 times for a good solid hold. Make sure you double check your cable lengths before making cuts and swaging, because those things can’t be undone.

There are a number cable options for wire railings but these fittings call for 1/8″ steel wire cable. From there you can choose which configuration you like the look of. We recommend the 1×19 configuration for our customers. It gives off a nice even shine and is not as rough when you touch it, which is great for handrails.


Threaded Rod Cable Turnbuckle Tensioner Specifications

– Has swage stud for 1/8″ cable on 1 side & a 1/4″ thread rod on the other

– The turnbuckle has a barrel length of 3-3/4″

– Made of T316 stainless steel


1/8″ Steel End Swage Terminal Specifications

– Thread Size: 1/4″-20

– Cable Size Needed: 1/8″

– Swaging Section Length: 2″

– Overall Length: 4″

– Includes: 1 Threaded Terminal, 1 Hex Nut


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