T316 Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner + Stemball Fitting Set For 1/8″ Wire Rope


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T316 Stainless Steel Cable Tensioner + Stemball Fitting Set for 1/8″ Wire Rope

If you’re getting ready to install a wire rail with wooden posts, this stainless steel cable tensioner is a great option. The stemball fitting is installed on one end and anchors the cable in place. On the opposite end is where the tensioner goes, it’ll pull the cable tight and hold it. Both of these pieces wire railing hardware were made from T316 stainless steel. Indoor and outdoor applications are both possible. This steel won’t rust if installed outside. As time goes on, outdoor rails can experience build-up but nothing stainless steel cleaner can’t take care of.

Aside from the hardware, you will also need to double check and see if you’ve got the right tools. A hand swaging tool is how you secure cable to the fittings. Swage each one 3 times to ensure a solid hold. Don’t just cut the cable with any ole tool, you might end up with flattened cable or uneven ends. By using a proper cable cutter tool, you’ll be left with clean cuts that are easy to slip into fitting heads.

You will need to use 1/8″ stainless steel cable with these fittings. There are different construction options but we recommend 1×19. It looks great up close and isn’t rough to the touch if you grab it with your hand.


Steel End Swage Terminal Specifications

– Thread Size: 1/4″ by 20

– Cable Size Needed: 1/8″ inch stainless steel cable

– Swaging Section Length: 2″

– Overall Length: 4″

– Includes: 1 Threaded Terminal, 1 Hex Nut


Stemball Swage Cable Railing End Fittings Specifications

– These swage terminals are 1.25″ long

– You will need 1/8″ cable


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