Threaded Tensioner + Stemball Cable Rail Fittings Set For 3/16″ Wire – Type 316


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Threaded Tensioner + Stemball Cable Rail Fittings Set for 3/16″ Wire – Type 316

This set of cable rail fittings are a great option for those using wooden railing posts. The stemball fitting is installed first and is responsible for anchoring cable on one end. You install the threaded tensioner second and it’ll pull cable tight and hold it there. Both are made of T316 stainless steel so they can be used in humid environments with rusting. Customers have used them in commercial and residential spaces.

As you prepare to install a wire railing with these fittings, be aware there are two tools you’ll need on hand. First is a Cable Cutter tool – that way you can measure and cut the cable on site to ensure a perfect fit. While you’re installing the fittings, a hand swaging tool will be needed to crimp the cable and hardware together. Our 24″ Swager / Cutter is a great option for those who don’t have either tool – it performs the two jobs. Neither of these two actions can be undone so be sure to always double check your work before cutting and swaging.

3/16″ stainless steel cable is what these cable rail fittings are designed for. For handrails, we suggest the 1×19 cable configuration. This option isn’t rough to the touch so you can hang onto it with your hands. These fittings and cable look great on both indoor and outdoor applications.


Specifications for Threaded Tensioner

– Thread Size: 1/4″ by 20

– Cable Size Needed: 3/16″ cable

– Swaging Section Length: 2-1/2″

– Overall Length: 4-1/2″


Cable Rail Stemball Fitting Specifications

– Total length is 1.38″

– Use with 3/16″ stainless cable (1×19 configuration is recommended)

– Great for indoor and outdoor use


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