Ultra Polished 3/16″ Steel Wire Cable 1×19 Strand – T316 Stainless – 500″ Feet


Ultra Polished 3/16″ Steel Wire Cable 1×19 Strand – T316 Stainless – 500′ Feet

This is our top end ultra polished steel wire cable. This cable has been Electro Polished which makes it almost appear as though it were white gold or silver.  We only sell the best 3/16″ steel cable for railing applications in the 1×19 strand configuration in T316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel. It is the most rigid and has the most uniform appearance. This cable is shipped in a 500′ foot reel. (We also have 100ft coils).

Installation Tips

  • Always cut the cable section a little longer than needed and trim to perfection after installing the terminal end.
  • Avoid using a dike style cutter or bolt cutter as these will flatten the cable to cut which will make the cable difficult to install into swage hardware and nearly impossible with Swageless.  Our 24″ Multi Cutting and Swage tool makes short work of cutting 3/16″ Cable. Our hand tool is best for 1/8″ cable.


-Length = 500 feet

-Width = 3/16″

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Please do Contact Us should you have any questions or just for a few tips and tricks. Thank you for choosing Devline!


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