Cable Rail Tensioner Set W/Deck Toggle For 3/16" Cable - Type 316 Stainless

Cable Rail Tensioner Set W/Deck Toggle For 3/16" Cable - Type 316 Stainless

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It doesn’t matter if you have straight or angled runs to install, this cable rail tensioner and deck toggle set can do both. This rigging hardware of ours is made with T316 steel so you can install them indoors and out. Even if you live in humid areas, there won’t be any rusting happening with these. They have been used on on commercial and residential projects. The deck toggle anchors your wire on one end and the cable rail tensioner will pull it tight and hold it that way.

While you prepare to install your new cable rail, making sure you’ve got the proper tools is important. These are swage fittings which means you’ll need a hand swaging tool in order to fasten the cable and hardware together. Normally you buy enough cable for the entire project and it comes in one length, then as you do the install you’ll need a Cable Cutter Tool (  to cut the sections exactly. If you’re in need of both, our 24″ Cutter / Swager (  can accomplish the two jobs.

You’re going to need 3/16″ stainless steel cable to use with these fittings. We find the 1×19 configuration works the best with them. It’s also the best looking and feeling cable in our opinion as well.


Surface Mount Cable Rail Tensioner Specifications

– Thread is 1/4″ by 20

– Barrel Length is 3-3/4″

– Cable Size Needed: 3/16″

– 0.38″ Screw Size


Swage Deck Toggle Specifications

– Total length of deck toggle is 3-3/4″

– You will need to use 3/16″ cable with these toggles

– The mount screw holes are 0.25″ in diameter

– There is a distance of 1.30″ between the screw mount holes