Lag Stud - Type 316 Stainless Steel Wire Terminals For 1/8" Cable

Lag Stud - Type 316 Stainless Steel Wire Terminals For 1/8" Cable

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Lag Stud – Type 316 Stainless Steel Wire Terminals for 1/8″ Cable

For those needing stainless steel wire terminals to use with wooden posts / structures, this lag stud is perfect. After sliding cable into the head, you will need a steel cable crimping tool in order to secure the two for good. It is made from type 316 steel so you can install them indoors and outdoors no problem. If build-up occurs on outdoor systems, a simple stainless steel cleaner will clean them right up. The stainless steel itself won’t rust.

The most common tensioner we see used with these lag studs would be our turnbuckle hardware with a lag. Remember our lag stud only anchors the cable so a tensioner is imperative on the other end to tighten and keep the lines within code. Some decide to do a lag stud on both ends but you must use a RH thread on one end and LH thread on the other – If you use the same thread on both then your cable can un-twist as you tighten. Using the RH / LH set together allows the cable to roll and stay together as you tighten.

Choosing the right cable for your wire railing is important. We have found that 1/8″ inch stainless steel cable with a 1×19 configuration gets the best feedback. It isn’t rough so you or anyone else grabbing the cable won’t hurt their hand. You’ll also notice it gives off a nice even shine during the day or at night under lights.


Specifications of Lag Stud

– This swage lag screw is a total of 3.92″ long

– The thread is 2″ in length

– Fits 1/8″ cable

– Cable is inserted 1.35″ before swaging