Long Thread Steel Cable Tensioner For 3/16" Wire Railings - Type 316 Stainless

Long Thread Steel Cable Tensioner For 3/16" Wire Railings - Type 316 Stainless

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Long Thread Steel Cable Tensioner for 3/16″ Wire Railings – Type 316 Stainless

When you’re installing long runs, it is always good to have plenty of tensioning capability so you can get the cable tight and keep it within code. This 10″ threaded tensioner is perfect for those situations. It’s made with T316 steel so you can use them on both indoor and outdoor projects. Even if you live in a humid climate or a place that sees all four seasons, this steel cable tensioner won’t rust. Previous customers have installed them in commercial spaces along with residential.

Cable swage fittings such as these will require a hand swaging tool during the install. Once cable is inserted into the fitting, it’s recommended to swage three times for a good solid hold. Also be sure you’ve got a proper Cable Cutter Tool (https://sa-materials.com/p/3-edged-cable-cutter-tool-8-long-for-1-8-3-16-steel-wire-cable/)  on hand too. You don’t want to cut the cable with just anything that’ll make the cut, some tools will leave you with flat or uneven ends. For those in need of both tools, our 24″ Swager / Cutter (https://sa-materials.com/p/steel-cable-crimper-cable-cutter-tool-for-1-8-inch-and-3-16-inch-wire-rope-fittings/)  is a 2 in 1 tool. Swaging fittings and cutting cable can’t be undone so we always suggest double checking your work first.

We believe the best wire rope to use with this steel cable tensioner would be 3/16″ diameter and 1×19 construction. It isn’t rough to the touch which is important for a handrail. During the day and under the lights at night it gives off a nice even shine.


Specifications of Long Thread Steel Cable Tensioner

– Overall Length: 10″

– Swaging Section: 2″

– Size Thread: 1/4″ by 20

– Made of T316 stainless steel