Steel Cable Tensioner Set With Deck Toggle For 1/8" Cable - Type 316 Stainless

Steel Cable Tensioner Set With Deck Toggle For 1/8" Cable - Type 316 Stainless

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Steel Cable Tensioner Set with Deck Toggle for 1/8″ Cable – Type 316 Stainless

This steel cable tensioner and deck toggle set work well on strait and angled runs. The toggle terminal is only meant to anchor cable on one end once installed. On the other side you’ll install our steel cable tensioner – It’s job consists of pulling the cable tight and holding it there. They were both made with the top-notch T316 stainless steel so you can use them on indoor or outdoor applications. Keep in mind that stainless steel won’t rust if you install our hardware outside or in humid environments. After a while, if you notice any build-up on the hardware, simply cleaning it with a steal cleaner like CitriSurf will take it back to it clean original state.

Before starting on the install, you will need to make sure you’ve got the needed tools. Almost every install requires a cable cutter tool unless it’s pre-cut but that’s fairly rare – most prefer to cut the cable during the install to make sure it all fits perfectly. These are swage pieces of hardware so you’ll definitely need a proper cable swaging tool as well.

Wondering what stainless cable you should purchase? These fittings were made to be used with 1/8″ inch stainless steel cable. Out of the different construction options we recommend 1×19 for cable railing systems. It has a really nice look when you get up close and isn’t rough on the hand if you grab it.


Surface Mount Steel Cable Tensioner Specifications

– Heavy Duty Turnbuckle Thread Size is 1/4″ by 20

– Barrel Length = 3-3/4″

– Cable Size Needed = 1/8″

– Screw Holes Diameter = 0.38″


Deck Rigging Deck Toggle Specifications

– These toggles are a total of 3″ long

– You will need 1/8″ cable

– There is a distance of 1.30″ between the screw holes on the mount

– The screw holes have a diameter of 0.25″