Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner With Toggle For 1/8" Wire Rope - T316 Stainless

Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner With Toggle For 1/8" Wire Rope - T316 Stainless

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Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner with Toggle for 1/8″ Wire Rope – T316 Stainless

This steel turnbuckle tensioner is a great option if you’re needing hardware to pull and keep your cable tight. It is made with T316 stainless steel which enables you to install inside and/or out. If you live up in the mountains or down by the ocean it really doesn’t matter, this type of steel will stand strong anywhere. This material won’t rust but you might see built-up elements over time, at that point a stainless steel cleaner like CitriSurft 77 will take it right off.

With swage hardware like this, a proper cable swaging tool will be needed during the install. While swaging the steel turnbuckle tensioner to cable, it is recommended to swage it 3 times to make sure it has a good bite. Make sure you have a good cable cutter tool for the job too. If you don’t, the cable could end up with flat or uneven ends which could be difficult to insert into the hardware.

1/8″ stainless steel cable will be necessary for the project too. Out of the different configurations available, we always get the best feedback from those who go with our 1×19 construction. When installed it gives off a nice even shine during the day and under lights at night. Out of the popular options for cable rails, it is also the one that isn’t rough to the touch.


Specifications of Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner

– Has a total length of 7″

– Barrel is 3-3/4″ long

– 1/4″ thread

– Used with 1/8″ cable (1×19 configuration recommended)