Swage Threaded Stainless Cable Tensioner - Used On 3/16" Cable Railing Systems

Swage Threaded Stainless Cable Tensioner - Used On 3/16" Cable Railing Systems

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Swage Threaded Stainless Cable Tensioner – Used on 3/16″ Cable

This stainless cable tensioner is a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is made with T316 steel so you won’t have to worry about rust, even in really humid areas. Some decide to use this tensioner on both ends of their runs for a uniform look all around. You can also use them on both ends if you’re dealing with long or angled runs. They can be used for both residential and commercial projects.

We have a handful of cable anchor options for those who don’t want a tensioner on both ends. The Stud or Dome Head fittings are a couple popular pieces of hardware customers have chosen to pair with the stainless cable tensioner. As you install the wire railing you’ll need to have a Cable Cutter Tool with you. Swage fittings also require you to have a cable swaging tool on hand as well. For those who are in need of those two tools, our 24″ Swager / Cutter and can do both for you.

Along with this stainless cable tensioner you’re going to need 3/16″ wire rope as well. When it comes to cable railings, we always recommend the 1×19 construction. It has a great look and gives off a wonderful shine during the day or under lights at night. You’ll also notice it isn’t rough to the touch either.



After the anchor side is installed, you’ll then follow these steps below to install the threaded tensioner.

– Stick terminal into post with the swage end facing where cable will be and threaded end towards the outside.

– Then install washer followed by nut on outside of post where the threaded end is (acorn nut comes later).

– Make sure all the hardware is lined up (uniform) before you pull the cable as tight as you can by hand to measure before cutting it.

– Remove nut and washer, pull terminal out of post and swage it onto cable.

– Put terminal back into post, then again add washer and nut on the outside.

– Before tensioning make sure you have all the cable lines for that section measured, cut and installed so you can tension them all at once.

– To tension, hold terminal in place with one wrench on the inside of the post so it doesn’t spin as you tension the bolt on the outside.

– While you’re tensioning, make sure you tighten each line little by little as you put tension on the overall system.

– Cable does settle like strings on a guitar after installation, it’s best to do a final tensioning a week or so after initial install.

– Once final tensioning is done, we suggest putting on a second bolt similar to the one that you did the tensioning with – you then trim/cut off remaining terminal.

– Finally you can remove the second bolt you used to measure / guide the cutting of terminal and replace it with the acorn nut to finish.

SAM-EOBRNVQQLC :  3/16″ ,  UPC :  612520481353


Specifications for Swage Threaded Stainless Cable Tensioner

– The Stainless Cable Tensioner Thread Size is 1/4″ by 20

– Cable Size Needed = 3/16″

– Total Length = 4-1/2″

– Swaging Section = 2-1/2″

– Includes = 1 Threaded Terminal, 1 Washer, 1 Hex Nut & 1 Cap Nut