Swageless Cable Turnbuckle - Surface Mount - 3" Barrel - T316 Stainless Steel

Swageless Cable Turnbuckle - Surface Mount - 3" Barrel - T316 Stainless Steel

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Swageless Cable Turnbuckle – Surface Mount – 3″ Barrel – T316 Stainless Steel

Looking for a cable turnbuckle tensioner that is easy to install and forgiving if mistakes are made? This 3″ surface mount tensioner is a great option. The toggle allows you to use them on straight and angled cable runs. They’re made from type 316 steel which doesn’t rust so you can install them in humid areas. Outdoor applications can sometimes see build-up over time but a steel cleaner like CitriSurff 77 will clean them right up.

For a uniform look all around, we’ve seen customers use this cable turnbuckle of ours on both ends of their runs. A common setup is having a tensioner on one end and an anchor fitting like our Swageless Deck Toggle (https://sa-materials.com/p/swageless-deck-toggle-for-1-8-inch-cable-type-316-stainless-steel-surface-mount/)  on the other. You won’t need a swaging tool with these fittings but a cable cutter tool will be needed. Be sure the cutter you use is actually meant to cut cable or you could end up with flat or uneven ends.

This cable turnbuckle is made to be used with 1/8″ steel cable. We carry wire rope with 1×19 construction because it looks great, works well with this tensioner and isn’t rough if you grab it with your hand.


Specifications for Swagless Surface Mount Cable Turnbuckle

– These swageless cable turnbuckle fittings are designed to tighten wire rope

– They are made of type 316 stainless steel

– To attach cable you slide it in and tighten (No Swaging necessary)

– Use with 1/8″ cable (1×19 construction is recommended)

– Can be used on straight & angled runs

– You can install them both indoors & out