Swageless Deck Toggle For 1/8" Cable - Type 316 Stainless Steel - Surface Mount

Swageless Deck Toggle For 1/8" Cable - Type 316 Stainless Steel - Surface Mount

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Swageless Deck Toggle for 1/8″ Cable – Type 316 Stainless Steel – Surface Mount

This deck toggle of ours make installing a cable railing system really simple. They can be installed on both straight and angled runs. We’ve seen customers install them with wooden and metal posts. They’re made with type 316 stainless steel which enables you to install them pretty much anywhere without having to worry about rusting. Some have used these toggles on house-boats, on decks right by the ocean and up in the mountains. You can use them for both outdoor and indoor applications. If you notice any build-up over time on outdoor systems, a simple steel cleaner will made them look good as new.

The great thing about swageless cable fittings like these is how forgiving they are. If you make a mistake the cable can be easily removed and re-installed. As you get ready for installing the system, you will only need one specialized tool and that’s a cable cutter tool. We strongly recommend getting a good cable cutter if you don’t have one already. Other cutting tools can fatten the cable or mess up the ends and that can make getting them into fittings quite difficult.

While you’re looking at stainless cable options, remember this deck toggle requires 1/8″ diameter cable. There are a number of different configuration options but we recommend 1×19 for cable railing systems. We believe it gives off the best shine and it’s not rough to the touch.


Specifications of Swageless Deck Toggle

– This deck toggle is the anchor end of a cable railing run

– Their made of T316 Stainless Steel

– Use with 1/8″ wire rope (1×19 configuration is recommended)

– No swaging needed

– Easy to attach cable