Swageless Lag Stud - Stainless Cable Railing Fittings For 1/8" Wire - T316 Steel

Swageless Lag Stud - Stainless Cable Railing Fittings For 1/8" Wire - T316 Steel

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Swageless Lag Stud – Stainless Cable Railing Fittings for 1/8″ Wire – T316 Steel

If you’re getting ready to install a cable rail with wooden posts, this swageless lag stud is a wonderful anchor option. It doesn’t do any tensioning at all so you will need a wire rope tensioner for the opposite end. They’re made with T316 stainless steel so you can use them on indoor and outdoor applications. You don’t have to worry about them rusting if you live in a humid climate. It is common to see build-up after a while on outdoor applications but if you use a stainless cleaner the hardware will clean right up.

We suggest getting a Swageless Cable Turnbuckle (https://sa-materials.com/p/swageless-cable-turnbuckle-surface-mount-3-inch-barrel-t316-stainless-steel/)  that would be installed on the other end from the lag stud. If you try to use the lag stud on both ends, unfortunately it’ll result in saggy lines that won’t tighten or pass code. No crimping / swaging tool is needed with swageless fittings, you just need two wrenches to tighten and loosen the fittings head. To avoid flattened or uneven ends on your cable, be sure you have a good cable cutter tool on hand.

For those wondering what steel wire cable you should purchase, it’ll definitely need to be 1/8″ stainless steel cable. We find the 1×19 construction works best with our swageless cable fittings.


Specifications for Swageless Lag Stud Fitting

– Overall Length: 4″ inches

– Thread Length: 1-7/8″ inch

– 1/4″ Lag Thread

– This swageless lag stud is the anchor end of run, a tensioner fitting will be needed on far end

– Easy to attach cable, just slide it into head of fitting and tighten

– The T316 stainless finish allows you to install them indoors & out