Swageless Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner 2" Barrel w/LAG Screw for 1/8″ Cable

Swageless Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner 2" Barrel w/LAG Screw for 1/8″ Cable

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Swageless Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Tensioner 2" Barrel w/LAG Screw for 1/8″ Cable

Our Stainless Steel Turnbuckle Tensioners have been designed to have a smaller footprint so you can focus on your view. We had not been directing customers to open their turnbuckles more than an inch on either side of the barrel so 2″ it is. Recommended for runs 30′ and under. As long as you cut your cable accurately you will be surprised at how little tensioning is required in a railing application. These have a Lag Screw built in so they are designed for wooden posts.  Use 1x19 1/8” diameter cable as finer cables like a 7x19 will make for a difficult installation as the individual cable strands will fray upon installation into the swageless jaw.  Swageless means you can install the cable into your new fittings WITHOUT the use of a crimper or a hand swaging tool. All of our hardware and cable is T316 “Marine Grade” stainless steel has been Electro Polished and is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications. The Electro Polishing provides additional protection along with an excellent shine and radiance.  They look much finer than galvanized and holds up against corrosion far better.

Pair these with one of our LUX Terminals or use a steel turnbuckle / tensioner on both ends for longer runs or runs with turns in them.

Please check local building codes for cable spacing requirements to make sure you purchase exactly what you will need. Order extra just in case and know that Devline is very returns friendly. 

Installation Guide

* Cut all cable strands for current railing section post to post to be trimmed to perfection later.
* Mark all your posts and drill 1/8" pilot holes
* Install both terminal hardware and tensioner hardware using an open-end wrench.
* Open the turnbuckles but holding the Swageless Head and spinning the Barrel opening or extending the turnbuckle.
* Ensure that there is an equal amount of thread exposed on each side of the barrel so that it is balanced and to obtain the maximum amount of tensioning possible.
* Repeat with all turnbuckles. Make sure they are all extended the same amount and are even.
* Always start by connecting the cable to the terminal ends first.
* Pull the cable as tight as you can and tug a few times to pull out any slack in the cable.
* Mark the cable with your fingers as you pull to the base of the swageless head and cut accordingly.
* Insert the cable into the head until the cable is tight again.
* If the cable does not enter right away, loosen the swageless head to allow more room for the insert to open allowing the cable to be installed with greater ease.
* once the cable is in place ensuring that the cable is as tight as possible use two wrenches, one to hold the turnbuckle and one to tighten the head down.
* Tighten the lock nut up against the swageless head to keep it from loosening.
* To tighten the line, hold the cable end of the turnbuckle with a wrench to keep the cable from spinning and use an allen key or a small enough screwdriver to be inserted into the hole in the middle of the barrel and spin to tighten.
* Tighten until the lines are visibly straight or until the lines are unable to separate past code requirements which in most states is 4".  You should not be able to push a 4" sphere through the lines.
* 3" Spacing between cable lines and hardware on the posts is ideal to meet nearly all code requirements.
* It is always recommended to check with local inspection authorities before installation.
* When in doubt, Call or Text us at 1-801-899-3806 or Email support@devlinerail.ccom and we are glad to help!

Dimensions & Weight

- Total Length Closed: 5.23"

- Total Length Open: 6 3/4"

-  Length Of Barrel: 2″

- Length and Diameter of Lag = 1.04″ x 0.23″

- Swageless Head: 1.18" x 0.46"

- Weight: 0.15 lb

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Swageless Turnbuckle :  1/8″ ,  UPC :  602401885714

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