Swageless Turnbuckle Tensioner W/Lag - 3" Barrel - Type 316 Steel

Swageless Turnbuckle Tensioner W/Lag - 3" Barrel - Type 316 Steel

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Swageless Turnbuckle Tensioner w/Lag – 3″ Barrel – Type 316 Steel

If you’re needing a turnbuckle tensioner option that works very well with wooden posts / structures, look no further. This tensioner is designed with a lag screw on one end. It’s recommended to drill pilot holes first, then you can easily drive the lag into place. The swageless head on the other end makes attaching cable really simple (No crimping is needed). Simply slide cable in and use two wrenches to tighten. If a mistake is make, you can loosen the head and your cable will come right back out. They’re made of T316 stainless steel so you can use them in humid climates without rusting occurring.

You won’t need a crimping / swaging tool when installing these fittings but be sure you’ve got a good cable cutter tool (https://sa-materials.com/p/3-edged-cable-cutter-tool-8-long-for-1-8-3-16-steel-wire-cable/)  on hand. It isn’t smart to use just any old cutter with cable, you might find yourself with flattened / uneven ends and that makes getting them into fittings a challenge. As you look for cable options, keep in mind this turnbuckle tensioner was designed to be used with 1/8″ inch stainless steel cable. If you are wondering what configuration we would recommend for a handrail, we would definitely point you towards 1×19 over 7×7. The 1×19 option isn’t as rough to the touch and we believe it’s the better looking choice.

Swageless Turnbuckle  :  1/8″ ,  UPC :   602401885707

Specifications of Swageless Turnbuckle Tensioner

– Length of barrel 3″

– Made of T316 stainless steel

– Great for both indoor & outdoor use

– Swageless head means no crimping necessary

– Use with wooden posts / structures