Tensioner Turnbuckle Hardware With Lag Screw For 1/8" Cable - T316 Steel

Tensioner Turnbuckle Hardware With Lag Screw For 1/8" Cable - T316 Steel

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Tensioner Turnbuckle Hardware with Lag Screw for 1/8″ Cable – T316 Steel

Getting ready to install a cable railing system with wooden posts? This turnbuckle hardware with the lag is a great tensioner option to consider. It’s recommended to drill pilot holes first, then the turnbuckle’s lag should screw right in and hold strong. In order to install the cable, you first insert it into the head of the tensioner and you’ll then need a hand swaging tool to fasten the two together. They are made with T316 steel so you can install them inside or out and don’t have to worry about rusting. Outdoor cable rails can experience build-up over time being exposed to the elements, you simply use a stainless cleaner and the steel will clean right up.

Often times people will pair this tensioner with our Lag Stud (https://sa-materials.com/p/lag-stud-type-316-stainless-steel-wire-terminals-for-1-8-inch-cable/)  terminal. The lag stud gets installed first as the anchor and the tensioner would be on the far end to do the tensioning. If you have long or angled runs to deal with, it’s not uncommon to see a tensioner on both ends.

This turnbuckle hardware of ours works best with 1/8″ steel cable that has a 1×19 configuration. It happens to project light really well making the cables stand-out and isn’t rough to the touch.


Specifications for Tensioner Turnbuckle Hardware

– Thread Size = 1/4″-20

– Barrel Length = 3-3/4″

– Cable Size Needed = 1/8″ (we’d suggest using the 1×19 configuration)

– Made with type 316 steel

– Ideal tensioning option when using with wooden posts / structures

– Can be install both indoors and outdoors