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Posted By bob on March 17, 2017

My name is Devin Mergens, Owner of Devline Rail. I am a husband to the most lovely, confident and trusting wife and a father to 4 of the best kids. 10 years in sales. 5 years in finance. Finally settling down in Seattle when I was recruited by a new financial institution in town. I was tasked to build their wealth management brand from scratch. A really long story short, I was let go a year later after scraping together all the business I could with almost no support. I felt as though my perfectly ordinary life, 1hr one way into Seattle each day commute, was crashing down. Little did I know that everything was about to fall into place.

Right before I was let go I met an individual who inspired me. We met for lunch to discuss some financial solutions. I was so impressed by this gentleman that I called and left him a voice mail within the hour. He was about my age and owned several companies, one of which was an online supply company where he sold mainly consumer electronics. He had also started to sell cable railing components and hardware. This was mainly for use with his real estate investments.

In all my desperation with my young family I became his shadow and learned all that I could. 10 months later my wife and I purchased all of the inventory and Devline Rail was born! As I have applied the same attention to detail and care to our Devline Rail Customers as with my financial clients, Devline Rail has grown to be known for our uncommon customer service. I will always be grateful for the kindness, time and attention that my friend Paul gave, to free me and my family.

In this Blog we will share many useful tips and ideas for cable railing as well as examples of how Devline Rail and our customers have empowered us to do good in our world. My mother is the founder of Days for Girls International. Check out In the corporate world I was never able to go with her on her many trips around the world, restoring dignity, confidence and hope to so many girls and women.

Two weeks ago I was able to accompany my mother for the first time! We went to Peru and visited several communities in the Lima area. We also visited Cusco and Machu Picchu. What a trip! Here is a video that I filmed and edited for Days for Girls.

Keep in touch as we will be sharing much more about our adventures and our family along with cable railing ideas, tips and customer project examples.  Thank you for choosing Devline Rail


tips and ideas for cable railing